PCA Student Council sponsors "Adopt A Senior"

The Parsons Christian Academy Student Council took into deep consideration how discouraging this difficult time has been for your child, and we would like to help spread encouragement where it is needed! Student Council would like to have an "Adopt a Senior Day" by creating a database with the names of each senior and posting it on the Parsons Christian Academy Facebook page. Right now, our goal is to get every senior "adopted" this month so they can be encouraged with gifts, letters, posters, etc. from their sponsor. The database mentioned will allow people who are part of the PCA family to sponsor your senior this month before their graduation. We will make sure to address that each sponsor must leave these items on your doorstep in order to follow social distancing protocols. We would like nothing more than to see our seniors have multiple sponsors! These difficult times can be discouraging, but remember that God remains faithful in His promises and He is in control! 

Kindest regards,

Crystal Hannah 

President of Student Council

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